Marie-Thérèse Montana

Curriculum Vitae

Marie-Thérèse Montana is a guest in 2024. Her academic background bridges the disciplines of law, philosophy, and educational psychology. Her primary areas of expertise include ethics & public policy as well as contemporary justice theory. She has also been a lecturer at the University of Hamburg’s faculty of law, teaching classes in political philosophy, EPP, PPL, and PPE since 2018. Marie-Thérèse is interested in theorizing non-distributive justice, relational egalitarianism, recognition, and identity in the face of growing diversity. Her current research focuses on the problem of deep disagreement on justice within diverse societies (Prof. Dr. Holmer Steinfath). She has been working on a constructive approach to integrating political liberalism and political realism, exploring the possibility of a nuanced framework which can accommodate overlapping consensus as well as modus vivendi within justice theory rather than political legitimacy. You can reach her at

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