Curriculum Vitae

Jamila Hamidu is a Research Fellow at the Institute. She was born in Ghana, raised in Brussels, London and currently based in Bordeaux, France since 2008. She is a Political Scientist working on the thematic of Africa diaspora political engagement in host societies and returnee diaspora role in nation building of their homeland. She defended her Ph.d in 2021 on the topic of Transnational Political Engage­ment of the Ghanaian Diaspora in London and Returnee Diaspora in Accra. Her research interest are in the field of migration and development, (i.e climate induced migration) identity studies, ethnic minority studies, gender studies, Black and African diaspora studies in Belgium, England, France, the US and now Germany. Her fieldwork in Africa is in Ghana, Nigeria, La Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Niger. She is equally interested in comparative African diaspora Studies between Anglophone and Francophone worlds in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

She has been researching and teaching for the past 10-15 years at various universities in France (Sciences Po Bordeaux, Université de Poitiers, Université de Bordeaux Montaigne) as a lecturer of Anglophone Studies specifically on African and Black Atlantic diaspora history in Commonwealth countries and the US, but also general migration and development thematics. Presently working on Atlantic Slave trade linkages between Ghana and the French Antilles.

Research projects

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