Dr. Megha Amrith (Research Group Leader • Forschungsgruppenleiterin)

Dr. Megha Amrith (Research Group Leader • Forschungsgruppenleiterin)

Curriculum Vitae

Megha Amrith leads the ‘Ageing in a Time of Mobility’ Research Group at MPI-MMG, which examines the diverse interconnections between ageing, migration and translocal mobility in Asia, Africa and South America.

Her research is focused on migrant labour, care, ageing, inequalities, belonging and citizenship, as well as on everyday practices of conviviality, community and friendship in diverse urban spaces. She is author of the monograph Caring for Strangers: Filipino Medical Workers in Asia (NIAS Press, 2017), co-editor of the volume Gender, Work and Migration (with N. Sahraoui, Routledge, 2018) and has published her work in journals such as Ethnos, The Asia-Pacific Journal of Anthropology, Citizenship Studies and Urban Studies. While her work is primarily on the Southeast Asian region, it also incorporates comparative ethnographic perspectives from periods of fieldwork in Brazil and Spain.

Megha Amrith obtained a PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, under a Gates Cambridge scholarship. Her doctoral research focused on the experiences of Filipino migrants employed in the fields of medical and care work in Singapore. Prior to joining MPI-MMG, she held a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Centre for Metropolitan Studies at the University of São Paulo (2012-2013), conducting research on the networks and communities of low-wage migrants; and a research fellowship at the United Nations University Institute for Globalization, Culture and Mobility in Barcelona (2014 - 2017), working on themes relating to global migration, gender, and cities and engaging with wider audiences beyond the academy, including policy-makers and community organisations.

Research projects



Amrith, M. (2017). Caring for Strangers: Filipino Medical Workers in Asia. Copenhagen: NIAS Press.

Collected Editions

Amrith, M., & Sahraoui, N. (Eds.). (2018). Gender, work and migration: Agency in gendered labour settings. London: Routledge. Link

Journal Articles

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Contributions to a Collected Edition

Amrith, M. (2018). Dignity of labour: Activism among Filipina domestic workers in Singapore and Barcelona. In M. Amrith, & N. Sahraoui (Eds.), Gender, work and migration: Agency in gendered labour settings (pp. 65-82). London: Routledge. Link

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