Dr. Ajay Gandhi, 2011-2017

Curriculum Vitae

Ajay Gandhi is now Assistant Professor at Leiden University.

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Ajay Gandhi is an anthropologist. For his PhD, received from Yale University, he studied popular life in Old Delhi. Since 2011, Ajay has been conducting postdoctoral research in central Mumbai, on status, mediation and debt.

In Delhi and Mumbai, Ajay's research has focused on the following themes. First, he is interested in human and non-human relations in the city, pursuing this topic with regard to how people relate to material forms and animals. A second theme concerns inhabitation and exchange; Ajay has written on the street and the bazaar. His third theme pertains to interaction and comportment, with papers on insults, sincerity and the queue. A final theme is sensorial experience, which he has explored by looking at the moral and somatic dimensions of vision and intoxication.

Research projects:

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