Dr. Yuqin Huang, 2009-2013

Curriculum Vitae

Yuqin Huang now is based at East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai.

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Yuqin Huang got both her BA and MA degrees in Sociology with Peking University, China, and attained her PhD with Sociology Department, University of Essex in the UK in May, 2009. Her PhD research was about ‘Transforming the gendered organisation of labour and leisure: women, labour, leisure and family in an inland Chinese village, 1926-2006.’ Her research interests cover the interface between gender and such categories as work, religion, (global and internal) migration, family and health, with special reference to Chinese societies. She is also interested in qualitative research methods, particularly oral history and life story methods.

At the MPI, her research will be mainly focusing on the feminization of Chinese Christian Communities. She has done some fieldwork among the Chinese Christian communities in the UK and Germany, and will do more research among Christians in mainland China. Her second concern is about the Chinese Christian returnees who move back to mainland China after having been studying or working in western countries for some time, their transnational religious networks and their impacts on Christianity (especially urban house churches) in China.

Research projects:

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