Dr. Guan Thye Hue, 2014-2016

Curriculum Vitae

Hue Guan Thye is a specialist in traditional Chinese religion in Singapore. He obtained his BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Peking University, China, and his MA and PhD in Chinese Studies from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. A revised version of his PhD dissertation has been published (Yange Yu Moshi: Xinjiapo Daojiao He Fojiao Chuanbo Yanjiu沿革與模式:新加坡道教和佛教傳播研究》 [Evolution and Model: The Propagation of Taoism and Buddhism in Singapore] (Singapore, 2013). This book investigates the pattern of Buddhist and Taoist propagation in Singapore. In addition to the theme of its title, this book also analyses the interactions between Buddhist and Taoist culture, as well as their belief structures. Hue Guan Thye is also the co-author of Xinjiapo Hanchuan Fojiao Fazhan Gai shu《新加坡漢傳佛教發展概述》 [A study of the development of Chinese Buddhism in Singapore] (Singapore, 2010). In the past few years, Dr Hue has embarked on a field research project entitled 'Mapping Religious Sites of Singapore' under the direction of Prof. Kenneth Dean, McGill University, Canada. As part of this project, they carried out a survey of more than 800 Chinese Temples and Clan Associations in Singapore. Part of their collection of stone inscriptions from these temples and associations has been compiled as a historical reference book, entitled Epigraphic Materials in Singapore: 1819-1911 (Singapore, 2017).

Dr Hue’s research interests include the Philosophy of Buddhism, Chinese folk religion, Singapore Chinese temples, Chinese Culture, and the Chinese in Singapore and Malaysian.

Research projects:

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