Dr. Kristine Krause, 2011-2013

Curriculum Vitae

Kristine Krause is now Assistant Professor at the Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam.

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Kristine Krause was a postdoctoral fellow from 2011-2013. January 2014 she started a new job as assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam in a research partnership on long term care.

During her time at the institute she was the coordinator of the international working group on medical diversity. Together with other members of the working group, she carried out a comparative international pilot study on super-diversity and pathways to health. Before commencing her work at the Institute, she worked as a research fellow in a project on transnational networks, religion and new migration funded by the DFG. Kristine received her PhD in social anthropology from the University of Oxford. Her thesis was based on fieldwork with migrants from Ghana in London and focused on what people do when they are sick and when and how they combine different therapeutic practices. Kristine’s research interests include the intersections of medicine and religion, and the ways in which bodily conditions become the basis for political subjectivities. She has published on medical pluralism in Ghana, transnational Pentecostal networks, transnational therapy networks, diaspora and political subjectivity. She is also co-editor of African diaspora: Journal of Transnational Africa in a Global World.

Research projects:

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