Thorsten Wallbott, 2013-2014

Curriculum Vitae

Thorsten Wallbott is now at IMUG Beratungsgesellschaft.

Thorsten Wallbott's dissertation deals with the relationship between immigration, citizenship and cultural diversity in Western European states. Conceptually building upon the World Society Approach and using a comparative historical research design, the project analyzes the development of different modes of national belonging in the postwar era, thereby focusing on the legal regulation of diversity in political constitutions.

After studying sociology and social psychology at the universities of Göttingen and Gent, Thorsten received his Master of Arts in May 2013. His final thesis examined the role of national and international contexts for the configuration of citizenship in Western European societies. Prior to his present position, Thorsten worked at the institute as a student assistant. During this time, he was mainly involved in research projects on the political representation of immigrants in Germany and the legal regulation of cultural diversity in constitutions around the world. His further research interests are ethnic inequality in the educational system, discrimination and nationalism.

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