Dr. Weidong Zhang, 2014-2015

Curriculum Vitae

Weidong Zhang is now Associate Professor at the Winona State University.

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Weidong Zhang was a research fellow at MPI-MMG and is an associate professor in the Global Studies and World Languages Department at Winona State University, Minnesota, USA. He holds a PhD in Mass Communication, with a cultural studies focus on Chinese culture and society, and an MA degree in Asian Studies/Asian Civilizations, both from the University of Iowa. His research interests lie at the intersection of language, media, culture, and Chinese society. He has published research in, among others, the International Journal of China Studies, Journal of Asian Communication Research, and Network and Communications Journal. One important line of his scholarship is ethnicity and cultural identity in contemporary Chinese society. His previous study looks at the online presence of Chinese ethnic minorities, mainly Manchus, examining how people of a particular marginalized and underprivileged social group make meaning by using the new communication technologies of the Internet in their daily lives, and how they create a new space of hope to negotiate, articulate their cultural identity, shape their own destiny, and possibly bring about social changes in a globalizing world; all issues related to ethnicity, identity and community. At MPI-MMG, he has been working on ethnic minorities and transnational migration between southwest China and Southeast Asia.

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