Dr. Julien Debonneville

Curriculum Vitae

Julien Debonneville is a Sociologist and Senior researcher at the Institute for Gender studies at the University of Geneva. He holds a PhD in Gender Studies from the University of Geneva. He was also a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley (Department of Ethnic Studies) and at the University of the Philippines – Diliman (Department of Women and Development Studies, College of Social Work and Community Development). He also worked as a research associate at the University of Lausanne (Institute of Social Sciences). His main research topics are Migration and Mobility, Gender inequalities, the Care economy and reproductive labor, the Coloniality of power, the social construction of Otherness, and the intersectionality theories. In his PhD thesis, entitled Schooling for Care: The “othering” of Filipina Domestic Workers, he examines how the social construction of Otherness became transnationalized in the case of the migrations of Filipina domestic workers. This research also suggests several epistemological and methodological research avenues for operationalizing Postcolonial theory in the Social sciences. He is also conducting a research project on the mobility of transnational elites in various transnational and “multicultural” spaces.

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