Sumeet Mhaskar

Curriculum Vitae

Sumeet Mhaskar has obtained his doctorate in Sociology from the Department of Sociology and St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. His doctoral thesis entitled The Unmaking of the Worker-Self in Post-Industrial Mumbai: A Study of Ex-Millworkers’ Responses to the Closure of Textile Mills in Girangaon was supervised by Dr. Nandini Gooptu and Professor Anthony Heath. By adopting a mixed methods approach, which includes 112 in-depth interviews and survey data of 1037 former textile workers collected over a period of 14 months fieldwork in Mumbai and few villages in the Maharashtra State (Western India), his doctoral thesis has examined three responses: first, the fate of the ex-millworkers who returned to the villages, second, the impact of the social identities of various ex-millworkers upon their employment prospects in the post-closure period and third, the emergence of a non-communal, non-nativist, form of political participation among retrenched workers.  

Prior to Oxford, Sumeet has studied for B.A degree in History and Political Science at D. G. Ruparel College, University of Mumbai, and M.A and M. Phil degrees in Political Science at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. His research interests include labour, politics, discrimination and segregation at workplaces, caste, language and religious politics, social movements and urban development. At the Max Planck Institute, Sumeet was working on the intergenerational educational and occupational attainment among Mumbai’s ex-millworkers’ children.

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