Prof. Dr. Mark-Anthony Falzon

Curriculum Vitae

Mark-Anthony Falzon is a social anthropologist. He is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Department at the University of Malta and a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge. His doctoral work (Cambridge, 2002) looked at the transnational practices of Hindu Sindhis and was based on fieldwork in London, Malta, and Mumbai. He has since conducted fieldwork on gated communities in Mumbai, hunting in Lampedusa and Malta, and soundscapes in Malta. He also retains an ongoing interest in cosmopolitanism, diasporas, and migration generally. He has worked as a consultant for IOM and is a weekly columnist for Malta’s leading newspaper, The Sunday Times. His time at the Max Planck Institute he spent working on an introduction and chapter for a book on South Asian religion in Europe (co-edited with Ester Gallo, published by Ashgate).

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Stay at MPI-MMG:
February - March 2011

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