Dr. Kristine Krause (University of Amsterdam)

Curriculum Vitae

Kristine Krause studied Social Anthropology and Religious Studies at the Free University in Berlin and was a PhD student at the University of Oxford supervised by Steven Vertovec. Her PhD project focused on Ghanaian migrants in London and how they deal with health problems. The project asked how legal status, transnational and religious networks play into health practices, and how sickness became an event in which political subjectivity and emotional belonging was articulated. Kristine Krause was Research fellow in the DFG funded project "Transnational Networks, Religion and New Migration", Department of European Ethnology (Humboldt-University Berlin).

Working together with Gabriele Alex she developed workshops on medical diversities.

She is one of the editors of African Diaspora. Journal of Transnational Africa in a Global World http://www.brill.nl/afdi

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