Publications of Jörg Hüttermann

Book (2)

Schönwälder, K.; Vertovec, S.; Petermann, S.; Hüttermann, J.; Hewstone, M.; Stolle, D.; Schmid, K.; Schmitt, T. M.: Diversity and Contact: Immigration and social interaction in German cities. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke (2016), 266 pp.
Hüttermann, J.; Husband, C.; Alam, Y.; Fomina, J.: Lived diversities: Space, place and identities in the multi-ethnic city. Policy Press, Bristol (2014)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Hüttermann, J.: Situational ranking and conflict: A bottom-up perspective on urban intergroup life. MMG Working Paper (13-09) (2013), 58 pp.

Contribution to a Collected edition (2)

Contribution to a Collected edition
Hüttermann, J.: Figurational change and primordialism in a multicultural society: A model explained on the basis of the German case. In: After integration: Islam, conviviality and contentious politics in Europe, pp. 17 - 42 (Eds. Burchardt, M.; Michalowski, I.). Springer VS, Wiesbaden (2015)
Contribution to a Collected edition
Hüttermann, J.: Visuelle Selbstrepräsentation islamischer Identität in Deutschland: Konfliktanlässe und -kontexte im Wandel. In: Die Sichtbarkeit religiöser Identität, pp. 185 - 250 (Eds. Lüddeckens, D.; Uelinger, C.; Waltert, R.). Pano-Verlag, Zürich (2013)
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