Publications of Bob Van Der Linden

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Van Der Linden, B.: Songs to the Jinas and of the Gurus: historical comparisons between Jain and Sikh devotional music. Sikh Formations 15 (1-2), pp. 230 - 245 (2019)

Book (1)

Van Der Linden, B.: Arnold Bake: A life with South Asian music. Routledge, London (2018)

Book Review (2)

Book Review
Van Der Linden, B.: [Review of:] Resonances of the Raj: India in the English Musical Imagination, Nalini Ghuman. ASIANetwork exchange 24 (1), pp. 159 - 161 (2017)
Book Review
Van Der Linden, B.: [Review of:] Sacred and secular musics: A postcolonial approach, by Virinder S. Kalra. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies 39 (3), pp. 700 - 702 (2016)
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