Publications of Murat Akan

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Akan, M.: Looking beyond ‘imaginary’ analytics and hermeneutics in comparative politics. Philosophy and social criticism 43 (4-5), pp. 484 - 494 (2017)
Journal Article
Akan, M.: Diversité: Challenging or constituting laïcité? French Cultural Studies 28 (1), pp. 123 - 137 (2017)
Journal Article
Akan, M.: Diverse subjects of interpenetrations - Göle Nilüfer, Islam and secularity: The future of Europe’s public sphere (Durham, Duke University Press, 2015) and Musulmans au quotidien: Une enquête européenne sur les controverses autour de l’islam (Paris, La Découverte, 2015). European Journal of Sociology / Archives Européennes de Sociologie 57 (3), pp. 501 - 505 (2016)
Journal Article
Akan, M.: Siyasal Bağlamında Türkiye’nin Yeni AnayasaYazımı Girişimi = Turkey’s attempt at a new constitution in political context. Anayasa Hukuku Dergisi = Journal of Constitutional Law 3 (6), pp. 37 - 80 (2014)

Book (1)

Akan, M.: The politics of secularism: Religion, diversity, and institutional change in France and Turkey. Columbia University Press, New York (2017)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Akan, M.: A politics of comparative conceptualizations and institutions: two non-European images on European secularity in the writing of the 1961 Turkish constitution. MMG Working Paper (13-02) (2013), 34 pp.

Contribution to a Collected edition (1)

Contribution to a Collected edition
Akan, M.: Twin tolerations or siamese twins: Kemalist laicism and political Islam in Turkey. In: Problems confronting contemporary democracies: essays in honor of Alfred Stepan, pp. 381 - 423 (Eds. Chalmers, D.; Mainwaring, S.). University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame (2012)
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