Living apart, living together? The role of intergroup contact in social integration

by Miles Hewstone

Working Papers WP 09-12
August 2009
ISSN 2192-2357 (MMG Working Papers Print)

Full text: pdf


This paper outlines the central role of intergroup contact in promoting successful social integration between members of different groups. The paper deals with six main issues: (1) the main types of intergroup contact, and whether they are effective; (2) under what conditions intergroup contact is most effective; (3) by what processes intergroup contact works; (4) the extensive effects of intergroup contact beyond changes in explicit attitudes towards outgroups; (5) the major policy implications of intergroup contact; and (6) criticisms of intergroup contact, and rejoinders to them. Finally, progress is summarized in the form of a new theoretical model, and conclusions are drawn about the centrality of ‘meaningful contact’ for improving intergroup relations.

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