The changing immigrant cartography of Auckland, New Zealand: an Asian ethnic precinct

by Paul Spoonley, Carina Meares, Robin Peace and Trudie Cain

Working Papers WP 14-05
July 2014
ISSN 2192-2357 (MMG Working Papers Print)

Full text: pdf


New Zealand’s post-1987 business and skill-focussed immigrant recruitment policies have had several consequences for Auckland, including the transformation of numerous public spaces. One manifestation of this process of change has been the co-location of immigrant-dominated retailing in ethnic business precincts, which provides both economic and social network spaces for immigrant interaction with co-ethnics, and a zone of contact between immigrants and others. This paper describes the example of Dominion Road, an ‘Asian’ ethnic precinct in Auckland. Maps of business ownership and business types provide a snapshot of the emerging economic cartography of the precinct, and an examination of host and migrant engagements and interactions within the precinct indicate some of the parameters of the new cartographies of diversity that are evident in Auckland.

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