Chinese temples and transnational networks: Hokkien communities in Singapore

by Hue Guan Thye

Working Papers WP 16-06
October 2016
ISSN 2192-2357 (MMG Working Papers Print)

Full text: pdf


This paper is intended as an overview of different categories of Chinese temples and other institutions in Singapore and their transnational networks, in particularly on Hokkien communiities in Singapore. It focusing on some preliminary research findings related to this Hokkien communities and their religious networks, examines the Minnan (South Fujian) Protector Gods (Regional or Village temple Main Gods) and the Minnan Taoist Altars, as well as their religious networks connecting Fujian, China and the Chinese communities in Singapore. The main argument of this paper is that all the religious networks of the Minnan Main Gods and the Minnan Taoist Altars play a significant role in the transnational movement of resources between Singapore and China, particularly Fujian. These resources include people from all walks of life, various forms of ritual knowledge and innovations, money and materials.

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