Tania Pagotto, 2018-2019

Curriculum Vitae

Tania Pagotto holds a Ph.D. in Constitutional and Comparative Public Law (Venice) and a Master‘s Degree in Law (Padua). She defended her doctoral dissertation, entitled „A Sustainable Accommodation. A Comparative Study on Interruption of Pregnancy in Italy, Spain, and Mexico“.

In 2019, she was appointed as a Non-Resident Visiting Writing Fellow at the International Center for Law and Religious Studies, BYU, U.S.A. In the same year, she attended the Religion and the Rule of Law Program, organized by BYU at Oxford University, as a recipient of the Young Scholars Fellowship.

A significant part of her Ph.D. research was conducted as a Fellow of the Department of Ethics, Law, and Politics at the MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen. Previously, she spent a period performing research at the Centre of Law and Religion in Cardiff and at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. Currently, she is a Non-Resident Visiting Fellow at ICLRS, BYU Law School, U.S.A.

Research projects

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