Sana Ghazi, 2014-2019

Curriculum Vitae

Sana Ghazi was a Ph.D. student in the Religious Diversity Department of the MPI-MMG. She studied for a B.A. degree in Sociology at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Warwick, UK. Subsequently, she taught four undergraduate courses in Asian history and political science at Utica College, New York, over two semesters. One of these focused on contemporary issues located at the intersection of religion and civil society in a pluralistic context. From 2012-13, she was a Research Fellow at the Indian think-tank, the Observer Research Foundation, where she worked primarily on an academic research project pertaining to popular narratives and discourse surrounding Iran’s nuclear program, on which she also wrote in national Indian newspapers and magazines.

Research projects

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