Curriculum Vitae

Hania Sobhy is a Post-doctoral Fellow at SCD. Her research focuses on lived and imagined citizenship, the politics of education, electoral mobilization by social movements, nationalism, Islamism and social policy, with special reference to the Middle East. Her forthcoming book, Schooling the Nation with Cambridge University Press, examines the production of citizenship in Egyptian schools in its disciplinary, gendered, classed and nationalist dimensions. Her latest article in World Development advances a framework for studying the ‘lived social contract’. She is currently working on electoral mobilization after the 2011 uprising in Egypt and setting up a comparative research project on the politics of education in North Africa. She has worked in the fields of education development and policy, research management and project evaluation for over 15 years and is a regular contributor to al-Shorouk Daily.

Research projects

Selected Publications

Forthcoming. Schooling the Nation: Education and Everyday Politics in Egypt. Cambridge University Press.

2021. The Lived Social Contract in Schools: From protection to the production of hegemony. World Development, 137, 104986.

2020. Violence, Class and Masculinity in Egypt: Gendered Punishment in Cairene Schools. MMG Working Paper 20-03.

2019. Expensive Classrooms, Poor Learning: The Imperatives of Reforming School Construction in Egypt. Alternative Policy Solutions, American University in Cairo.

2015. Secular Façade, Neoliberal Islamisation: Textbook Nationalism from Mubarak to Sisi. Nations & Nationalism 21(4): 805-24.

2012. The De-Facto Privatization of Secondary Education in Egypt. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 42 (1): 47-67.

2009 [2011]. Amr Khaled and Young Muslim Elites: Islamism and the Consolidation of Mainstream Muslim Piety in Egypt. In Cairo Contested: Governance, Urban Space and Global Modernity, edited by Diane Singerman. Pp. 415- 454. Cairo: American University Press.

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