Diversity Assent in Urban Germany (DivA) Survey

Diversity Assent in Urban Germany (DivA) Survey

How do people living in contemporary Germany react to diversification in their everyday lives? What undergirds pro-diversity perspectives among those who live in rapidly diversifying cities? Conversely, what are their limits, and what groups are excluded? This project aims to elucidate the foundations and mechanisms underlying diversity assent in cities located both in West and East Germany. 

The survey was administered by telephone between November 2019 and April 2020 on a random sample of 2,917 respondents living in twenty randomly selected German cities, through a dual-frame strategy mixing landlines and mobile numbers. The survey asked a set of interrelated questions on fundamental dispositions towards diversity, everyday experiences, and diversification dynamics. This includes an innovative set of survey experiments designed to access and measure social norms of tolerance.

The data are available through the data repository GESIS, https://doi.org/10.7802/2581. For any inquiries regarding the use of the data, please contact Eloisa Harris at

The technical report of the survey, including codebook, is available here.

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