"Negotiating Ethiopia’s ‘ethnic citizenship’ in everyday Addis Ababa"

African Diversities Colloquium Winter 2015/16

  • Datum: 09.11.2015
  • Uhrzeit: 16:30 - 18:00
  • Vortragende: Sabine Mohamed (MPI-MMG)
  • Sabine Mohamed is a Doctoral Candidate at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity pursuing her PhD at the Anthropology Department at the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg. Her project examines the creation of a pluralist state founded upon ethnic diversity, from the viewpoint of the urban regional hub of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
  • Ort: MPI-MMG, Hermann-Föge-Weg 12, Göttingen
  • Raum: Conference Room
"Negotiating Ethiopia’s ‘ethnic citizenship’ in everyday Addis Ababa"

For more details please contact esser(at)mmg.mpg.de.

The African Diversities Colloquium provides an interdisciplinary forum for the critical engagement of research which intersects with the theme of African diversities, broadly conceived. The Colloquium seeks to forge a community of scholars of Africa from across a number of institutions, including the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Göttingen, other departments of the University of Göttingen, and beyond. We welcome participants and presenters from a range of academic backgrounds, including anthropology, geography, history, migration studies, and political science. Bi-monthly meetings discuss pre-circulated works-in-progress, research papers, presented by doctoral students, post-docs, faculty members, and invited guest speakers. All papers and discussions are in English.

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