"Psychological Anthropology Today: Theoretical and Practical Interventions in an Interconnected World"

Workshops, conferences 2022

  • Beginn: 02.06.2022
  • Ende: 03.06.2022
  • Ort: Hybrid
"Psychological Anthropology Today: Theoretical and Practical Interventions in an Interconnected World"
Workshop of the psychological anthropology network of the German Anthropological Association (DGSKA), co-hosted by the Research Group Ageing in a Time of Mobility, MPI-MMG

- by invitation only -

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For more details please contact menster@mmg.mpg.de.

Recognizing the diverse foci this subfield has examined since its inception – from culture and personality to explorations of cognitive processes, embodiment, self and personhood, emotions, altered states of consciousness, mental illness, and neuroanthropology – we have chosen the broad lens of ‘interventions’ to think through our respective projects. We invite participants to reflect on what this term implies for their work as psychological anthropologists, and in the context of an increasingly interconnected but unequal world. Where and how are psychological anthropologists making interventions – to academic debates, fields of practice, or in the lives of the people with whom we work? How do anthropologists study, participate in, or resist psychological interventions that are desired by, or imposed on, people in very different life worlds? And what specific kind of interventions or practices do we need as scholars to support our work in psychological anthropology?

With a keynote lecture by Professor Edward D. Lowe (Soka University of America) entitled “The Why and Whither for Psychological Anthropology in its Second Century”

The presentations at the workshop will be grouped into three broad panels:

  • Psychological Anthropology Interventions into Current Academic Debates
  • Interventions, Innovations and Intervisions within Psychological Anthropology
  • Studying Psychological Interventions in Different Fields of Practice

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