"Scholarship and Activism: Convergences and Contradictions"

Workshops, conferences 2023

  • Datum: 04.05.2023
  • Ort: MPI-MMG, Hermann-Föge-Weg 11, Göttingen
  • Raum: Library Hall
"Scholarship and Activism: Convergences and Contradictions"
Workshop organized by Katharyne Mitchell and Noor Amr

For more details please contact lang(at)mmg.mpg.de.

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Many contemporary scholars who work on migration indicate that they want to make a difference through their work. What exactly does this mean (to you)? Has this desire changed the nature of fieldwork? If so, how? What does it mean to be a scholar-activist? These types of questions arise with every generation, but is there something qualitatively different about the current moment? Come share your own experiences and insights at a workshop on fieldwork and migration on May 4 from 10:30-1:00. Depending on levels of interest, we may try to put together a jointly-authored ‘reflections‘ piece for a journal such as Migration and Society stemming from the collaborative discussion.

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