Workshops, conferences 2024

  • Beginn: 24.06.2024
  • Ende: 25.06.2024
  • Ort: Harnack Haus, Berlin
Research meeting of the ORA joint research project "Muslim-Jewish encounter, diversity & distance in urban Europe: Religion, culture and social model"

- by invitation only -

Funded by the Open Research Area (ORA) for the Social Sciences, this joint research project studies intercultural, interethnic and interreligious encounters as exemplified by Jews and Muslims in urban Europe. The largest European populations of these two groups - overwhelmingly urban, concentrated in the same cities, and, strikingly, often in the same neighbourhoods - are in France, Germany and the UK, countries which on the face of it have followed different models of framing majority-minority relations, creating ideal conditions for a comparative study of the possibilities of living together in urban Europe.

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