“Migration, Diversity and the City”



Steven Vertovec is one of the keynote speakers. On Wednesday, he will give the keynote lecture titled “Understanding urban diversity, or what’s the matter with Rotterdam?”.

“Understanding Urban Diversity, or what's the matter with Rotterdam?”


IMISCOE Keynote Lecture, 28 June 2017

Susanne Becker, Somayeh Chitchian, Annett Fleischer, Christian Jacobs, Miriam Schader, Maria Schiller and Shahd Wari will participate in the following sessions:

SESSION 08, Wednesday 28 June 13.00-14.30

# Refugees and cities (1)

Chair: tba

Paper by Susanne Becker, Annett Fleischer and Shahd Wari: “Local practices of in- and exclusion in the trajectories of refugees”


SESSION 09, Wednesday 28 June 13.00-14.30

# Refugee migration and urban studies — theoretical challenges and new approaches

Chairs: René Kreichauf (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany and Birgit Glorius Technische Universität Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany)

Discussant: Jonathan Darling (The University of Manchester, UK)

Paper by Somayeh Chitchian: “(Re)Spatializing migration analysis: migration question as an urban question”


SESSION 18, Wednesday 28 June 14.50-16.20

# The politics of local asylum and migration policies: German municipalities in the so-called “refugee crisis”

Chair: Miriam Schader

Discussant: Christian Jacobs


SESSION 65, Thursday 29 June 17.20-18.50

# Social networks in the study of mobility and urban diversity

Chairs: Andreas Herz (University of Marburg & University of Hildesheim, Germany) and Maria Schiller

Discussant: Floris Vermeulen (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Paper by Maria Schiller and Julia Martinez-Arino: “Included or excluded? Immigrant actors in the local governance networks of European cities”


SESSION 84, Friday 30 June 09.00-10.30

# Refugee integration

Chair: Somayeh Chitchian


SESSION 96, Friday 30 June 10.50-12.20

# Diversity governance, co-optation and resistance: exploring interactions of state and non-state actors at the local level

Chair: Maria Schiller

Discussant: Antonie Schmiz (University of Osnabrück, Germany)


SESSION 118, Friday 30 June 13.40-15.10

# The local turn in immigration studies: bridging politics and policies in small and large-scale cities

Chair: Ilona van Breugel (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and Juan Triviño-Salazar (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals and GRITIM-UPF, Spain)

Discussant: Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas (CIDOB, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, Spain)

Paper by Maria Schiller: “Immigrant councils in German cities: towards a differentiated view of the institutionalized involvement of immigrants in local policy-making”


SESSION 119, Thursday 29 June 17.20-18.50

# Urban segregation

Chair: tba

Paper by Christian Jacobs: “Planning diversity – housing policies and spatial planning in German cities”


SESSION 125, Wednesday 28 June 13.00-14.30

# Refugees and cities (2)

Chair: tba

Paper by Shahd Wari: “Permanent temporariness' and place-making processes of asylum-seekers”

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