News & Updates 2023

German-Kazakh Science Day
October 2023
Swetlana Torno represented the Max Planck Society during the two-days event to foster scientific exchange and cooperation. more
In Egypt, Public Classrooms Are Empty as Private Tutors Get Rich
August 2023
Hania Sobhy‘s latest book “Schooling the Nation: Education and everyday politics in Egypt” referenced in a piece in the New York Times on public education in Egypt. more
New podcasts in the CityShow series
PODCAST • June 2023
The second series of the CityShow podcast is now online covering Medellin in Columbia, Joburg in South Africa and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The CityShow is a podcast about complexity and how people live and adapt to life in fast-changing cities across Africa, Latin America and Asia. more
Max Planck goes to school
January 2023
Once a year, Max Planck goes to school in Göttingen: on January 26, Seda Kara spoke with students of the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Gesamtschule about the topic "Turkish Migrant Experiences in Germany". more
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