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The reinvention of borders in the 21st century
November 2022
As part of the lecture series "Science at the Göttingen Literaturherbst," Karen Schönwälder spoke with Steffen Mau, Professor of Macrosociology at HU Berlin, about his latest book “Sortiermaschinen” (nominated for the German Nonfiction Book Award). more
Visualizing “Superdiversity” in New York City
November 2022
ESSAY by H. Jacob Carlson • Metropolitics, 8 November 2022
A new set of visualization and mapping tools focused on “superdiversity” shows the complexity and intersectionality of New York City. These tools will be useful for scholars, policy-shapers, journalists, and many others. more
„Können Organisationen Vielfalt?“
VIDEO • November 2022
(in German) The film about the ZOMiDi results (11 minutes). The project investigates how and why civil society organizations change in response to migration and societal diversity. more
Visual stories
November 2022
The new website of the Research Group "Ageing in a Time of Mobility" translates research findings into visual stories. It is the result of a collaboration between the Research Group and Alvaro Martinez, an anthropologist, visual artist and graphic designer. more
How do we perceive people with afro-textured hair? (in German)
PODCAST • September 2022 presenter Aileen Wrozyna spoke with Johanna Lukate about her research on the identities of Black, African, and African diasporic people in Europe in the podcast "Ach, Mensch!". Johanna explains why hair influences people’s experience on the job market and discusses how the malleability of hair makes it an important medium through which Black, African and African dispaoric people in Europe express their identities. „Ach, Mensch!“ Is a cooperation with the Max Planck Society. more
Superdiversity, complexity and conundrums of categorization
September 2022
Keynote address by Steve Vertovec to the International Conference organised by the University of Birmingham's Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRIS) to mark its 10th anniversary. In his address Professor Vertovec locates the 'superdiversity thing' in the tradition of anti-essentialism and unpacks some of the conundrums of contemporary identity politics and boundary making.  more
Britain’s multilingual children: ‘We speak whatever language gets the job done’
September 2022
In modern Britain, millions of kids grow up learning two languages or more – and experts believe fluidity in language has some surprising advantages. In 2021 there were around 6 million people with non-British nationality living in the UK, with 9.6m people born abroad – 35% of whom live in London. In the social sciences, this relatively new landscape of such diverse national origins is often referred to as “superdiversity” – a term coined by the German anthropologist Professor Steven Vertovec. Read more on The Guardian more

July 2022
Three colleagues from Ukraine have now started the fellowships at the institute: Yuliya Byelikova (Kharkiv National University of Economics), Olena Kyselova (Sumy State University) and Akif Tahiiev (Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Kharkiv). Supported by funding from the Max Planck Society, we were able to offer the colleagues from the war-torn country one-year fellowships in Göttingen. We hope this will help them to continue their academic work and build networks.
Project cooperation with the University of Nicosia
July 2022
This 5-year project looks at how Cyprus, Greece and Malta have managed their transformation from countries of emigration to destination countries for migrants and asylum seekers; and their emergence as border states of an emerging EU migration and asylum regime. more
On understanding Social Complexity
June 2022
To kickstart the new series of episodes, Steven Vertovec was invited to speak about ways of studying and understanding one of the consequences of migration, that is social complexity.
The Migration Podcast, 02 June 2022 more
Collaboration and Authorial Diversity in Film
May 2022
Symposium 2022 - Saturday, May 28th to Monday, May 30th | funded by Fritz-Thyssen Stiftung
The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in cooperation with the Institute of Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology, Göttingen University, and GIEFF e.V. organised this conference. more
The British Academy and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
May 2022
Congratulations to our colleague Victoria Sakti who received together with Xiang Ren (University of Sheffield) the Seed Funding grant for their UK-Germany project “Home-coming and Home-making: Linking Spatio-temporal Heritages and Experiences of South-East Asian Diasporas in Europe”.
The author about his new book
April 2022
“I studied my London community to work out how people can live together and overcome immigration tensions”
The decline of high streets, parks and community centres – civic spaces where people of different backgrounds can mix – is often the biggest factor, found anthropologist and author Farhan Samanani after studying lives in Kilburn. more
Book Launch
April 2022
Book launch livestream for “Inhabiting Displacement: Architecture and Authorship”. This event was co-sponsored by the Frances Loeb Library, Harvard Graduate School of Design and Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. more
PODCAST • February 2022
Peter Hennessy, Jane Alison and Farhan Samanani discuss Britain post-war and post-Covid, with Helen Lewis, on BBC Start the Week podcast. more
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