Blogs der Max Planck Research Group "Empires of Memory"

Jeremy F. Walton
Post-Imperial Peregrinations (On the Origins of Empires of Memory)
Blog | February 2017 [mehr]
<span lang="EN-US">Piro Rexhepi<br /></span>
Europe wrote the book on demonising refugees, long before Trump read it The Guardian
Blog | February 2017 [mehr]
<span lang="EN-US">Miloš Jovanović</span>
Tianjin’s Imperial Discomfort
Blog | August 2017 [mehr]
Giulia Carabelli
Finding Place(s) for the Past in Trieste/A Trieste, cercando di far posto alla storia A collaboration between Alessio Mazzaro and members of the EoM research group
Blog | April 2018 [mehr]
<span lang="EN-US">Giulia Carabelli<br /></span>
Trieste is Sissi with Piercings and Blue Hair
Blog | June 2017 [mehr]
Jeremy F. Walton
Lessons of an Eccentric Perspective on Empire
Blog | December 2018
Çiçek İlengiz
Commodifying and Generating Spiritual Love: The Love Pilgrimage of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207-1273) The Sociological Review
Blog | May 2020 [mehr]
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