Integration impacts on diaspora-homeland relations

by Gabriel Sheffer

Working Papers WP 10-08
August 2010
ISSN 2192-2357 (MMG Working Papers Print)

Full text: pdf


The general public, politicians, and the media are now showing much greater interest in what are known as “transnational communities” and “diasporas”. However, as many observers have already noted, each of these types of entities constitute an extremely complex and divergent phenomenon. The increase in the number of transnational and diasporic communities and of their members, their consequent growing roles and activities in various spheres in their hostlands and homelands, and the augmented, complicated and problematic situation in their hostlands, has led to an impressive increase and widening range of studies and publications on the transnationalist and diasporic phenomena at large, and of many specific transnational communities and diasporas, in particular. In this article, I will discuss the complex issue of diasporans’ cultural, social, and political integration into hostlands and its impact on diaspora-homeland relations and will then propose an analytical outline for further needed studies on the issue of diasporans’ integration and impact on their homelands.

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