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MPI-MMG in Dialogue
“Can advocacy organisations be intersectional?”
The third MPI-MMG in Dialogue event, in which invited scholars discuss new research results and ideas with the institute’s scientists, will take place on July 13, 2022.
Missed the last event? Watch the video here.

„Können Organisationen Vielfalt?“
(in German) The film about the ZOMiDi results (11 minutes). The project investigates how and why civil society organizations change in response to migration and societal diversity.
What do Germans think about diversity (in German) presenter Lara-Lena Gödde spoke with Karen Schönwälder about diversity in the podcast "Ach, Mensch!". Karen Schönwälder examines how far acceptance in society really goes and straightens such a crooked picture. „Ach, Mensch!“ Is a cooperation with the Max Planck Society.

The author about his new book
“I studied my London community to work out how people can live together and overcome immigration tensions”
The decline of high streets, parks and community centres – civic spaces where people of different backgrounds can mix – is often the biggest factor, found anthropologist and author Farhan Samanani after studying lives in Kilburn.
New Podcast Series
The City show is a podcast about complexity and how people live and adapt to life in fast-changing cities across Africa, Latin America and Asia. It's made by Dhashen Moddley, Tau Tavengwa, Freddie Boswell, Michael Rahfaldt, and Jo Jackson. It's a collaboration between Cityscapes Magazine, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity and African Centre for Cities. It's a Cityscapes/Radio Workshop production. Music by 23rd Parallel.

Collaboration and Authorial Diversity in Film
Symposium 2022 - Saturday, May 28th to Monday, May 30th | funded by Fritz-Thyssen Stiftung
The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in cooperation with the Institute of Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology, Göttingen University, and GIEFF e.V. organised this conference.
Peter Hennessy, Jane Alison and Farhan Samanani discuss Britain post-war and post-Covid, with Helen Lewis, on BBC Start the Week podcast.


Forthcoming Events

MPI-MMG in Dialogue "Can advocacy organisations be intersectional?"

Jul 13, 2022 14:30 - 16:00
MPI-MMG, Goettingen, Room: Hybrid event: Livestream/ Live, Hermann Föge Weg 11

MPI-MMG @ Conferences

Eloisa Harris at "Migration Policy Centre Conference 2022: Continuities and Change in a Migration World

May 23, 2022 - May 25, 2022
European University Institute, Florence, Italy

"Beyond the Difference to Integration"

May 23, 2022 14:00 - 18:00

Peter van der Veer and Tam Ngo at the International Conference "Actions for the Missing. Scientific and Vernacular Forms of War Dead Accounting"

NIOD Instituut
Jun 8, 2022 09:00 - Jun 9, 2022 11:00
Huizinga-en Rembrandtzaal, Het Trippenhuis, Klovenierburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam

Recent MMG Publications | Monographs and Edited Volumes

Working Papers

WP 21-01
Kasey Zapatka (The Graduate Center, City University of New York):
Superdiversity in Metropolitan New York - Technical Report
download pdf

WP 21-02
Lucas Drouhot (Utrecht University · The Netherlands), Sören Petermann (Ruhr Universität Bochum), Karen Schönwälder (MPI-MMG), and Steven Vertovec (MPI-MMG):
The “Diversity Assent” (DivA) Survey – Technical Report
download pdf

WP 21-03
Jeremy F. Walton (MPI-MMG):
Post-Empire: A Prolegomenon to the Study of Post-Imperial Legacies and Memories
download pdf

WP 21-04
Steven Vertovec (MPI-MMG):
Superdiversity and Social Complexity
download pdf



Dorman, B., & Korom, F.J. (eds). (2021). South Asian Nationalisms [Special Issue]. Asian Ethnology, 80(1). Link

Goossaert, V., & van der Veer, P. (Eds.). (2021). Réguler les pluralités religieuses: Mondes indiens et chinois comparés [Special Issue]. Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, 193 Link

Journal Articles

Yamamura, S. (2022). From global city makers to global city-shapers: Migration industries in the global city networks. Urban Studies. Link

Yamamura, S., & Lassalle, P. (2022). Extending mixed embeddedness to a multi-dimensional concept of transnational entrepreneurship. Comparative Migration Studies, 10: 14 (2022). Link

Yamamura, S. (2022). The multi-scalar embeddedness of support policies for migrant entrepreneurship in Japan. International Migration

Emmerich, A. (2022). Negotiating Germany’s first Muslim–Christian kindergarten: Temporalities, multiplicities, and processes in interreligious dialogue. Social CompassLink

Samanani, F. (2022). Convivality and its others: for a plural politics of living with difference. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Link

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Baykara-Krumme, H., & Rau, V. (2022). Herausforderung Vielfalt? Migrantische Repräsentation und Teilhabe in einer zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisation für Menschen mit Behinderung. Teilhabe: die Fachzeitschrift der Lebenshilfe, 61(1), 4-12. Link

Amrith, M. (2022). The temporal borders of transnational belonging: Aging migrant domestic workers in Singapore. American Behavioral Scientist. Link

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Samanani, F. (2022). The long road: Hope, violence, and ethical register in London street culture. American ethnologist: a journal of the American Ethnological Society. Link

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Punathil, S. (2022). Precarious citizenship: detection, detention and ‘deportability’ in India. Citizenship Studies, Ahead-of-print. Link

Ozgen, Z., & Koenig, M. (2021). When global scripts do not resonate: International minority rights and local repertoires of diversity in southern Turkey. Qualitative Sociology, 2021. Link

Emmerich, A. (2021). Language change and persistence within Turkish mosques in Germany: Transnational ties and domestic demands. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Link

Ma, Z. (2021). Uncertainty, risk, and merit-making. Tea economy and religious practices in a Southern Yunnan Bulang Community. Social Analysis, 65(3), 88-109. Link


Contributions to a collected Edition

van der Veer, P. (2022). Afterword: Reflections on nationalism. In I. Ahmad, & J. Kang (Eds.), The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives (pp. 349-359). Cham: Springer International Publishing. Link

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Kang, J. (2022). Nationalism and chinese protestant christianity: From anti-imperialism to islamophobia. In I. Ahmad, & J. Kang (Eds.), The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives (pp. 175-202). Cham: Springer International Publishing. Link

Ahmad, I., & van der Veer, P. (2022). Muslim bare life in contemporary India. In I. Ahmad, & J. Kang (Eds.), The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives (pp. 127-152). Cham: Springer International Publishing. Link

Ahmad, I. (2022). The oeuvre of Peter van der Veer. In I. Ahmad, & J. Kang (Eds.), The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives (pp. 45-71). Cham: Springer International Publishing. Link

Ahmad, I., & Kang, J. (2022). Introduction: Imagining alternatives to globalization of the nation form. In I. Ahmad, & J. Kang (Eds.), The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives (pp. 3-44). Cham: Springer International Publishing. Link

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Seethaler-Wari, S. (2021). Inhabiting refugee accommodations: A comparison of two temporarily transformed buildings. In S. Seethaler-Wari, S. Chitchian, & M. Momić (Eds.), Inhabiting displacement: Architecture and authorship (pp. 104-130). Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag. Link


Alumni News

Irfan Ahmad | Professor of Anthropology at the Department of Sociology at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey.
Xiaoxuan  Wang | Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Sakura Yamamura | Associate professor at the RWTH Aachen University

— Ahmad, Irfan & Kang, Jie 2022 (Eds.). The Nation Form in the Global Age. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Link
— Iturriaga, Nicole 2022  Exhuming Violent Histories: Forensics, Memory, and Rewriting Spain’s Past. Columbia University Press. Link
— Simone, AbdouMaliq 2022 The Surrounds--Urban Life within and beyond Capture. Duke University Press. Link

Jeremy F. Walton • ERC Consolidator Grant project "REVENANT--Revivals of Empire: Nostalgia, Amnesia, Tribulation"
Michalis Moutselos • Partner Group (gefördert mit 20.000 Euro). Cooperation between MPIMMG and Department of Social and Political Science, University of Cyprus. Project title: Re-bordering the Southeast Mediterranean in an age of migration.

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CityScapes is a 144 page biannual print publication. It is a hybrid of forms, simultaneously invested in scholarly discourse around contemporary urbanism in Africa and the Global South, as much as individual everyday experiences and activities of the multitude of actors that are actively involved in shaping cities across the continent and the rest of the developing world.

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