Prof. Dr. Irfan Ahmad

Curriculum Vitae

From 2018 until 2021, Irfan Ahmad was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute. A political anthropologist, Ahmad has taught at the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and Monash University and Australian Catholic University in Australia. Interested in the dynamics of religion (Islam), politics, democracy, media, violence, anthropology of philosophy and history of anthropology - especially in South Asia - he has authored two monographs (Princeton University Press and University of North Carolina Press/Oxford University Press) and co-edited two books (Routledge and Oxford University Press). An edited volume, “Are Anthropology and Ethnography Equivalent?” is forthcoming from Berghahn in 2021. Ahmad’s contributions have appeared, inter alia, in Anthropological TheoryJRAIPublic CultureHAUPhilosophy & Social CriticismModern Asian Studies, and Public Anthropologist. Founding Co-Editor of Journal of Religious & Political Practice, Ahmad is also on the editorial boards of Public AnthropologistSouth Asia, and International Journal of Islam in Asia.

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