Dr. Michalis Moutselos, 2016-2020

Dr. Michalis Moutselos, 2016-2020


Michalis Moutselos was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Socio-cultural Diversity. He received his PhD in Political Science from Princeton University in May 2016, where he studied the impact of social policy on violent and non-violent mobilization of persons of migrant origin in France. His work looked at the political behavior (voting, party identity, representation), as well as the patterns of violent and non-violent protest, of migrants and their descendants in Europe. In addition, Michalis was a member of the MPI-MMG 'CityDiv' team, which studies responses of political actors to increasing population diversity in French and German cities. A third stream from his current research explores the transformation of European politics in the aftermath of the Eurozone and refugee crises. His work has appeared in the Journal of European Public Policy, Comparative European Politics and Urban Affairs Review.

See also https://mmg-mpg.academia.edu/MichalisMoutselos



Beiträge in Sammelwerken

Moutselos, M., & Mavrodi, G. (2017). Immobility in times of crisis? The case of Greece. In J.-M. Lafleur, & M. Stanek (Eds.), South-North migration of EU citizens in times of crisis (pp. 33-48). Springer Open. Link


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Moutselos, M., Lim, D. J., & McKenna, M. (2019). Puzzled out? The unsurprising outcomes of the Greek bailout negotiations. Journal of European Public Policy, 26(3), 325-343. doi:10.1080/13501763.2018.1450890. Link

Moutselos, M., Jacobs, C., Martínez Ariño, J., Schiller, M., Schönwälder, K., & Tandé, A. (2018). Economy or justice? How urban actors respond to diversity. Urban Affairs Review, 1-26. Link

Martínez Ariño, J., Moutselos, M., Schönwälder, K., Jacobs, C., Schiller, M., & Tandé, A. (2018). Why do some cities adopt more diversity policies than others? A study in France and Germany. Comparative European Politics. Link


Moutselos, M. (2016). Neighborhoods against the state: Urban policy and violent protest in Western Europe. PhD Thesis, University of Princeton.


Moutselos, M., Jacobs, C., Martínez Ariño, J., Schiller, M., & Tandé, A. (2017). Cities and the Challenge of Diversity (CityDiv): The Survey, Technical Report. MMG Working Paper, (17-09). Link

Moutselos, M. (2015). Group consciousness and political behavior among citizens of immigrant origin: The case of France. MMG Working Paper, (15-07). Link

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