Jessica Rosenfeld


Jessica Rosenfeld is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bonn. She holds a B.A. (2002) in International Studies and Foreign Language from West Virginia University, and an M.A. (2007) in Policy Studies focusing on Conflict Resolution from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Jessica’s research, funded through the Max Planck International Research Network on Aging (2016-2020), focuses on how pre-existing digital inequalities shape access to social, economic, and cultural resources influencing life chances of recent asylum-seekers to Germany. Prior to starting her PhD she was working as a project manager (2010-2016) for the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security in Bonn on issues related to higher education, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.


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Aufenthalt am MPI-MMG:
April 2020 - Dezember 2022

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