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Interview with Loretta Baldassar (The University of Western Australia)

conducted by the Max Planck Research Group "Ageing in a Time of Mobility", September 2019

Professor Loretta Baldassar is a migration scholar and researcher with interests in transnational families… mehr

Interview with Monika Palmberger (University of Vienna)

conducted by Victoria K. Sakti, July 2019

Monika Palmberger is research fellow and lecturer in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna, and research fellow at the… mehr

Interview with Kay Abaño (Visual Artist)

conducted by Megha Amrith, June 2019

Kay Abaño is a visual artist based in Berlin. Her photography and filmmaking are centered around themes of migration, borders, movement and change. Read more… mehr

Interview with Aija Lulle (Loughborough University)

conducted by Megha Amrith, May 2019

Aija Lulle is a Lecturer in Human Geography at Loughborough University, UK. Her research interests are clustered around migration experiences and migrants’… mehr

Interview with Kristin Yarris (University of Oregon)

conducted by Dora Sampaio, October 2018

Kristin Elizabeth Yarris is an Associate Professor of International Studies at the University of Oregon, where she also co-directs the Center for Global Health… mehr

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Guest reading list on 'Care' by Megha Amrith
April 2019 • Network of Ethnographic Theory blog mehr




"Without technology we’d be very stuck”: Ageing migrants’ comobility capital in pandemic times

Earvin Cabalquinto (Deakin University)

MPI-MMG, 27 May 2021

“Ageing and Mobility: Care, Generations, and Citizenship beyond the Views of the West”

Sarah LAMB (Brandeis University)

MPI-MMG, 23 October 2018

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