Nonna Mayer
Jews and Muslims in the 19th arrondissement of Paris: face to face, or side by side?
Blog | June 2023 [more]
Lalia Schmitt
Les Festivals de films Palestinien et Israélien, un laboratoire des relations judéo-musulmanes à Strasbourg
Blog | May 2023 [more]
Hande Senguler
Interreligious dynamics in Alsace, an exception to the rule in France
Blog | April 2023 [more]
Arndt Emmerich
Exploring Frankfurt’s Deep-Story and Impact on Jewish-Muslim Encounters
Blog | October 2022 [more]
Elodie Druez
Two exhibitions on Muslim-Jewish relations in Paris: finding what to show
Blog | August 2022 [more]
Daniella Shaw
Mapping the Messy ‘Field’ of Interfaith Encounters
Blog | March 2022 [more]
Samuel Sami Everett
Teaching Virtual Interreligious Ethnography in a Pandemic
Blog | February 2022 [more]
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