Veranstaltungen der Abteilung Ethik, Recht und Politik (in absteigender Reihenfolge)

Ort: Lichtenberg-Kolleg Historic Observatory, Geismar Landstraße 11, 37083 Göttingen
This workshop examines borders as landscapes—designed spaces that are at once architectural, infrastructural, and geophysical. Border and landscape exhibit a conditionality of codependence, whereby the material qualities of land, water, and built environment acquire political significance even as they shape and limn territory. Border landscapes are built from human and nonhuman bodies, infrastructures, vertical spaces, the commons and atmospheres—both literal and metaphorical. Approaching borders as landscapes brings into focus the specific form and substance of ‘walled flows,’ the movement of people and capital through uneven circuits of global space. It devotes particular attention to the ways in which design, drawing on elements of land and sea, enables the mobility of goods and capital through global networks while inhibiting human movement across urban, national, and regional boundaries. [mehr]
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