Prof. Dr. Peter van der Veer - Publikationen

Zeitschriftenartikel (1)

van der Veer, P.: Resisting general models: Response to comments on van der Veer, Peter. 2016. The value of comparison. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Journal of Ethnographic Theory 7 (1), S. 533 - 536 (2017)

Forschungspapier (1)

van der Veer, P.; Wu, D.: Dumont’s hierarchy among the Nuosu of China. MMG Working Paper (17-04) (2017), 22 S.

Beitrag in Sammelwerk (2)

Beitrag in Sammelwerk
van der Veer, P.: Urban planning and secular atheism in Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore. In: Religion and the global city, S. 47 - 61 (Hg. Garbin, D.; Strhan, A.). Bloomsbury Academic, New York (2017)
Beitrag in Sammelwerk
van der Veer, P.: Spirituality: East and West. In: On the paths of enlightenment. The myth of India in western culture 1808-2017, S. 30 - 39 (Hg. Schenini, E.). Skira, Milano (2017)

Sammelwerk (1)

van der Veer, P. (Hg.): Prayer and politics. Routledge, London (2017), x, 133 S.
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