Markets and diversity – annotated bibliography

by Yolande Pottie-Sherman

Working Papers WP 12-15
October 2012
ISSN 2192-2357 (MMG Working Papers Print)

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This document represents the first and second phase of a project to build an inventory of key literature on the subject of ‘markets and diversity’. The first phase involved a literature search and compilation of 100 bibliographic items. The second phase involved the annotation of 40 of these items. The third phase consisted of a synthetic overview of this literature, and was published as an MMG Working Paper 11-03, ‘Markets and Diversity: An Overview’.

The literature was compiled using various databases, web search tools, and a range of search terms. I combined search terms indicating the type or region of markets (i.e. ‘Bazaar’, ‘souq’, ‘fea’, ‘feira’, ‘open-air market’, ‘open market’, ‘farmer’s market’, ‘street market’) with indicators of diversity (i.e. ‘ethnic’, ‘immigrant’, ‘class’, ‘race’, ‘gender’). Other more specific thematic terms (i.e. ‘cosmopolitanism’, ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘inclusion’, ‘interaction’, ‘Orientalism’ and so on) were also used. There were no restrictions as to time period, region, or publishing date, although the emphasis is on recent work in the field. The entries focusing most specifically on diverse markets were selected for more thorough annotation.

Section I of this paper presents the bibliographic abstracts, organized by research theme (please see WP 11-03 for a detailed explanation). This section includes only published abstracts. Where no abstract was supplied, I provide a brief summary of the entry. Note: the research themes are not mutually exclusive, and the abstracts may appear under more than one heading. An * preceding an entry indicates that the source is annotated in section II.

Section II contains the annotations, organized alphabetically, by the author’s last name. For each of these annotations, I provide the 1) disciplinary background of the author(s) and, where possible, their institution; 2) research questions; 3) conceptual framework; 4) group studied; 5) methodology; 6) findings; and 7) significance of the research to the field. In Section III, the references are organized by region (I use the United Nations regional scheme).

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