Veranstaltungen der Abteilung für soziokulturelle Vielfalt (in absteigender Reihenfolge)

Vortragender: Magda Nowicka / Agata Lisiak (HU Berlin)

"Unravelling urban rhythms in the migrant experience: Polish migrants in Munich and Berlin"

Open Lectures Spring 2016
  • Datum: 14.04.2016
  • Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Vortragende: Magda Nowicka / Agata Lisiak (HU Berlin)
  • Magdalena Nowicka is professor of migration and transnationalism at the Institute of Social Sciences and member in the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research (BIM), both at the Humboldt University. Her current project is “Transforming Migration. Transnational Transfer of Multicultural Habitus” ( Her publications include The Ashgate Research Companion to Cosmopolitanism (edited with Maria Rovisco, Ashgate 2011) and numerous articles and book chapters on conviviality, cosmopolitanism and migrant transnationalism. Agata Lisiak is postdoctoral researcher at Humboldt University’s Institute of Social Sciences and lecturer at Bard College Berlin. She is the author of Urban Cultures in (Post)Colonial Central Europe (Purdue University Press 2010), as well as articles and book chapters on media representations of the city, cultural memory, gender and migration, and everyday life in the city. Her current research project is entitled “Immigrant Mothers as Agents of Change”.
  • Ort: MPI-MMG, Hermann-Föge-Weg 11, Göttingen
  • Raum: Library Hall
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