Veranstaltungen der Abteilung für soziokulturelle Vielfalt (in absteigender Reihenfolge)

This symposium brings together scholars from sociology, anthropology, geography, and critical migration studies around the theme of the “local” as a vantage point to research and theorize issues of migration-related diversity and social interaction. [mehr]
Encounters’ final event in Berlin brings to a close a 3-year ORA Joint Research Project on intercultural, interethnic and interreligious encounters of Muslims and Jews in urban Europe. Researchers from Germany, France and UK, will share the results of their analysis and fieldwork on the specificities of and commonalities between Muslim-Jewish encounters in Berlin and Frankfurt, Paris and Strasbourg, London and Manchester, shaped by different national histories of integration including the place of religion in social and political life. [mehr]
Invited scholars discuss cutting-edge research and new ideas with the institute’s scientists [mehr]
Invited scholars discuss cutting-edge research and new ideas with the institute’s scientists [mehr]

Encounters Project International Meeting

Workshops, conferences 2023
  • Beginn: 05.06.2023
  • Ende: 07.06.2023
  • Ort: Strasbourg
The Encounters Project meeting in Strasbourg is taking place between 5-7th of June 2023. The Encounters project studies everyday interactions between Jews and Muslims in different urban contexts; aiming to restore these relations in their complexity and promoting dialogues with different actors of civil society. Strasbourg, one of the six cities in the scope of this project, will host international research team, bringing together multiple disciplines: sociology, anthropology, urban planning, and migration studies. [mehr]
Workshop participants (from left to right, bottom to top): Mira Burmeister-Rudolph (bottom left), Ángel A. Escamilla Garcia, Heike Drotbohm, Steven Vertovec, Adrian Favell (middle left), Amanda Cheong, Johanna M Lukate, Ulrike Bialas, Kiya Gezahegne (top left), Carolyn Choi, Gabriela Mezzanotti, Cecilia Menjívar [mehr]
A joint initiative by: Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen · Diversity Studies Centre Oslo (DISCO), Oslo Metropolitan University · Indigenous Values Initiative, Syracuse University Henry Luce Project, American Indian Law Alliance [mehr]
Workshop organized by Katharyne Mitchell and Noor Amr [mehr]
An event marking the launch of Steven Vertovec’s new book. [mehr]

"Visualizing Migration and Diversity: What can we see?"

Workshops, conferences 2023
At this workshop, a small group of invited participants will present recently created data visualizations surrounding migration and diversity. We will learn of their reasons for, and processes of, creating such tools and will discuss a variety of matters concerning the potential impacts (and drawbacks?) of such modalities for understanding dynamics of international migration and the diversification of societies. [mehr]
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