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The European Union’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum is a long-awaited answer to the refugee problem to some – and a disastrous demolition of refugee rights to others. Its supporters presented the Pact as a historical agreement that comes to address long-standing shortcomings and imbalances in terms of solidarity and responsibility sharing. [mehr]

6th International ART and the CITY Conference

Workshops, conferences 2024
The International Art and the City Conference was initiated in 2019 and has been hosted in different cities around the world every year. The 6th Conference sponsor is the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity (MPI-MMG) Göttingen and it will take place at the Institute’s facilities 03-05 June 2024. [mehr]
The workshop is organised by Ulrike Bialas and Johanna M. Lukate, who are guest editing two special issues on the contestation of legal and social categories in the context of migration. [mehr]
In a global context of population ageing, migration and forced displacement, questions of transnational and translocal social protection remain paramount. Migrants and refugees at different stages of the life course seek social protection through a variety of channels: from formal state-based pension and social security schemes; cash transfers and humanitarian initiatives; to informal forms of social protection through kinship, religious networks, neighbourhood support groups, co-operatives and civil society organizations. Cutting across these different spaces are financial institutions and markets in promoting ideas and products around individualized future security. Piecing together these different forms of social protection is far from seamless and there are numerous inequalities that migrants and refugees confront in securing social protection and wellbeing, where some are eligible for formal support and others are excluded. [mehr]
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