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In dieser Kategorie bieten wir Videos von Vorträgen an, die renommierte Wissenschaftler*innen am MPI-MMG gehalten haben.

Public lecture by Kenneth Dean (Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore). [mehr]
Peter Nyers (McMaster University):
"Decolonizing Lived Citizenship: Lessons from the Blockades" [mehr]
Public Keynote Lecture by Marco Giugni (University of Geneva) [mehr]
Nasar Meer (University of Edinburgh):
"The Social Production of our Moral Indifference: Muslims, Whiteness and the Wreckage of Racialization" [mehr]
Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA, Los Angeles):
“The Current State of Immigration Law and Policy in the United States" [mehr]
Jaclyn L. Neo (National University of Singapore):
“Managing Religious Diversity: The Law of ‘Religious Harmony’ " [mehr]
Franck Düvell (German Institute for Integration and Migration Research, Berlin):
"Quo vadis, migration studies? Towards a migratory epistemology. A critical reflection of the conventional concepts used in migration studies. A critical reflection of the conventional concepts" [mehr]
Tamar de Waal (University of Amsterdam):
"Conditional Belonging" [mehr]
Philip Gorski (Yale University · Lichtenberg Kolleg:
"Goodbye Tocqueville? Christianity and Democracy in Trump’s America" [mehr]
Phillippe Van Parijs (University of Louvain):
“Is it really solidarity that we Europeans need?”
Deborah Cowen (University of Toronto):
“Imprints of Empire: Border Infrastructures and the Landscape of Jurisdiction”
Andreas Reckwitz (Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder):
"Hyperculture and cultural essentialism: Two modes of culturalization in late modernity" [mehr]
Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi (Barnard College Columbia University):
"Decoloniality in the Camp & the University"
Romola Sanyal (LSE, London):
“Unsettling Architectural Narratives of Refuge: From Camps to Cities" [mehr]
Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA, Los Angeles):
“The New Migration Law: A Roadmap for an Uncertain Future” [mehr]
Sarah Lamb (Brandeis University):
"Ageing and Mobility: Care, Generations, and Citizenship beyond the Views of the West" [mehr]
Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (UCL):
"From the Local to the Global: The Roles of Local Faith Communities in Refugee Situations in the Global South” [mehr]
Kenneth Dean (Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore): "The transmission of Chinese civilizational techniques to Southeast Asia ... [mehr]
Christine Langenfeld (Göttingen) and Holger Kolb (Berlin): "Legal Limits: On the Shrinking Relevance ... [mehr]
Rosalind C. Morris (Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University): “Eyes of the storm: ... [mehr]
Ayelet Shachar (MPI-MMG): "Shifting Borders of Justice: Territory, Market, Migration" [mehr]
Andrew Selee (Migration Policy Institute): “Vanishing frontiers: the blurring of the US-Mexico border" [mehr]
Pamela E. Klassen (University of Toronto): “Telepathy, empire, and public memory" [mehr]
Ben Kaplan (University College London): "The Legal Rights of Religious Refugees in the ... [mehr]
Steven Vertovec (MPI-MMG): “Understanding Urban Diversity ... [mehr]
Sara Wallace Goodman (University of California, Irvine): “Tolerance at what Cost? ... [mehr]
Christian Joppke (University of Bern): “Legal Multiculturalism: Comparing Gays and Muslims” [mehr]
Anne Phillips (London School of Economics): “The Politics of the Human” [mehr]
Alan Patten (Princeton): “Religious Accommodations in a Diverse Society” [mehr]
Ronan McCrea (University College London): “Justifying the Secular State: Trans-Atlantic ... [mehr]
Steven Vertovec (MPI-MMG): “Super-diversity as concept and approach: whence it came, where it’s at, and whither it’s going” [mehr]
Itamar Mann (Georgetown): “Refugees: from Managerialism to 'Our Way of Life' ” [mehr]
Maurice Crul (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam): “Pathways to Success” [mehr]
Suzanne Hall (University of London / LSE): “Super-diverse street: a ‘trans-ethnography’ ... [mehr]
Alison Dundes Renteln (University of Southern California): “Should the state grant exemptions from ... [mehr]
Christina von Hodenberg (Queen Mary University of London): “Television bigots and ... [mehr]
Michael Keith (COMPAS, University of Oxford): “Migration and the city commons” [mehr]
Benno Gammerl (MPI für Bildungsforschung) / Institut national d’études démographiques): “Difference ... [mehr]
Patrick Simon (Centre d’études européennes / Institut national d’études démographiques): “Contested ... [mehr]
Nikola Tietze (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung): “Ways of Belonging and Expressing ... [mehr]
Saba Mahmood (University of California, Berkeley): “Politics of Historical Fiction and Sectarian ... [mehr]
Mary C. Waters (Harvard University): “Rising Nativism and Changing Racism: A New Form of ... [mehr]
Sabine Hess (Georg August University, Göttingen): “De-Naturalizing Transit Migration ... [mehr]
Michel Wieviorka (Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme / L’École des hautes études en ... [mehr]
Felicitas Hillmann (Freie Universität Berlin): “From Urban Marginality to Marginal Urbanity" [mehr]
David Palmer (University of Hong Kong): “Transnational Daoist Dis-Orientations and the ... [mehr]
Li Zhang (University of California, Davis): “Refashioning the Self through New Therapeutics ... [mehr]
Marie-Claire Foblets (MPI for Social Anthropology Halle/ Saale): “Secularism and Religious ... [mehr]
Markus Dressler (Technical University Istanbul): “Secularism and Religion-Making: The Case of ... [mehr]
Marc Helbling (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin): “Framing Immigration. Varieties of Arguments ... [mehr]
Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (University of Leipzig): “Multiple Secularities: A Cultural Sociological Approach" [mehr]
Kristin Henrard (Erasmus University of Rotterdam): “Differential Protection of the Right ... [mehr]
Olivier Roy (Florenz): “Religion and Culture: the Growing Gap" [mehr]
Chris Hann (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/Saale): “Universalist ... [mehr]
Judith Squires (Bristol): “Institutionalising intersectionality? Reflections on the British ... [mehr]
Oliver Schmidtke (Victoria): “Liberal democracies and the challenge of ... [mehr]
Frances Stewart (Oxford): “Horizontal inequalities and conflict: Understanding group violence ... [mehr]
Helen Baykara-Krumme (Chemnitz): “Families, intergenerational transmission, transnational ... [mehr]
Virginie Guiraudon (Paris): “Does the EU help to promote diversity? The anti-discrimination ... [mehr]
Larissa Remennick (Tel Aviv): “From state socialism to state Zionism: former Soviet Jewish ... [mehr]
Anja Weiss (Duisburg-Essen): “Contextualizing inequalities. A critique of methodological nationalism ... [mehr]
Ash Amin (Durham University): “Cities and the ethic of care among strangers" [mehr]
Jörg Dürrschmidt (Univ. of Kassel / Internat. Forschungszentrum Kulturwiss., Wien): “No longer at ... [mehr]
Wendy Pullan (University of Cambridge): “Sacred Frontiers: The Reinvention ... [mehr]
Shalini Randeria (University of Zurich/Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen): “The (un)making ... [mehr]
Sophie Watson (Open University, UK): “Public affect effects: enacting in/civilities in public space" [mehr]
Vyjayanthi Rao (The New School for Social Research, New York): “The dity as stage: speculative ... [mehr]
Solomon Benjamin (National Institute for Advanced Study, Bangalore): “Intersections ... [mehr]
Da Wu (Shanghai University): “Ethno-cultural capital and re-migration in Shanghai" [mehr]
Alberto Gomes (La Trobe University, Melbourne): “Civility and intercultural relations in ... [mehr]
John R. Bowen (Washington University, St. Louis): “Why there is no ‘European Islam’: ... [mehr]
David Gellner (University of Oxford): “Building Theravada Buddhist networks in Nepal and ... [mehr]
Oscar Salemink (VU University Amsterdam): “The Politicization of Religion and the ... [mehr]
Kenneth Dean (McGill University): “Mapping Chinese Temple Networks in Southeast Asia" [mehr]
Stephan Feuchtwang (London School of Economics): “Hospitality to Ghosts, in China and Elsewhere; ... [mehr]
Birgit Meyer (Free University Amsterdam): “Aesthetics of persuasion. Global Christianity ... [mehr]
José Casanova (Georgetown University, Washington, DC): “Religion and globalization" [mehr]
Joel Robbins (University of California, San Diego): “Anthropology, Pentecostalism and the New Paul ... [mehr]
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